Making data an asset
instead of a liability.

About Us

Data governance is a big topic in today’s business world.

Every industry produces and relies on data, but not many tools make it easier to see data quality issues. Businesses are drowning in data and taking years to integrate and standardize it. Their data is driving their business strategy, instead of their business objectives driving their data strategy. That’s where we come in.

Core values

These are the principles behind every decision we make at BlockDrive.

We created BlockDrive for you

We know that business leaders need a simple cost-effective solution that will deliver real results quickly, and that IT leaders are worried spend exorbitant time ensuring data is right. We built BlockDrive to satisfy both.

Our motivation

We created BlockDrive to allow business leaders to take better control of their data.

You want to be able to add new data sources without launching a huge IT project. You want to integrate and standardize your data so it can be analyzed and used to improve your business operations. You want to easily manage who accesses your data and see potential security risks as they arise. You want a software solution that will give you the peace of mind to know your data is valid and the investment you have made is secure. 

We want to fix your biggest data problems so you can get back to business.

We built BlockDrive so you can make your data work for you to answer your toughest questions without needing an expert understanding of programming languages or technical specs.


The US administration is aiming to eliminate fraud and improper payments costing the economy an estimated 100 billion dollars annually. BlockDrive is partnering with leading ID recognition/Facial Recognition and Equifax to deliver to America’s top Institutions an end to end solution to solve this issue.


R&D for DOD, FAA, IRS, VA and Homeland Security

MITRE Finalists

BlockDrive w/partners, SAP, SAAS, University of Texas.
Engaged in prototypes for roll out to government agencies


American Council for Technology

Igniting Innovation 2019 Finalists

BlockDrive w/partners
Previous winners AT&T, Qwest Communications and Bearing Point

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Together we can build new technologies that change how people use and relate to data.

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Business objectives should lead your data strategy, not the other way around.

We’ll help you make sure your data is delivering real ROI and not just leading you down a long and never-ending road.