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Blockchain info is coming in at an overwhelming pace. In this blog, we will discuss how to best gather the right blockchain info from blockchain conferences to help educate your team if blockchain technology is right for your organization.

Blockchain Conference

A blockchain conference is a great way to dig in and get a feel for the best blockchain info but be careful to spend your time at the right event with experienced blockchain industry leaders. There is an abundance of blockchain info and events locally and nationally but it’s important you use your time wisely and get the most out of the event. Many blockchain events are put on by individuals looking to ride the wave and throw anyone they can into the event to sell booths and try to drive ticket sales with very little understanding of blockchain’s future impact on business and with limited knowledge on cryptocurrency. First and always look for a blockchain event with a heavyweight to business use cases for blockchain info, if the title and the bulk of the speakers are only on crypto this is most likely not a valuable event for you and the blockchain info you are looking for.

  • Look for an event with at minimum 1-2 known blockchain personalities that are high profile, if you have never heard of anyone speaking hold off
  • Some of the most powerful blockchain events we have attended and been a part of are not always the largest, it’s the speakers that will make the difference in getting you powerful blockchain info that will make a difference
  • This is a new industry and technology, because of this some of the events will not have the crowds you might expect, that’s ok you want to be the first in line not the last
  •  You probably don’t have to travel, if you are in a large metropolitan city blockchain info and speakers will come to you if not look at the closest top five cities to you and what is being offered if you dig a little you will find a number of choices.

In the end, finding getting the right blockchain info and cutting through the marketing hype is crucial to helping to decide if blockchain is right for your company. The Blockchain info you gather should define what blockchain technology is good at and what’s it’s not.

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