Data Authentication

Validating new bank
customers in seconds.


A software company needed a solution that could help it validate new bank customers and authenticate their identification. BlockDrive shortened the entire process from days to seconds and increased confidence that it could spot fraud before opening new accounts.

What we provided

Two problems in one - validating the customer and their ID.

When a customer opens a bank account, they need to show identification like a driver’s license. The truth is, anybody can bring in any ID. It’s the bank’s responsibility to determine if that identification is real or not. It’s not just about evaluating the customer sitting in front of you, but also validating that the documents they provide are real.

Real-time data validation that delivers confidence.

BlockDrive provided a solution to help the bank validate IDs in real time. Our platform seamlessly connects multiple sources of data to easily deliver credit checks as well as an analysis of the ID itself to determine with confidence if it’s real or fake.

Value-add functionality that improves customer experience.

By removing manual processes and plugging various data sources together into one view, new accounts can be opened with a 30-second background check instead of days-long holds. With BlockDrive, clients can easily add the specific functionality and data sources they need to enhance their customer experience and make work easier for everybody involved.

Let your business objectives lead your data strategy.

We’ll help you make sure your data strategy is delivering real ROI and not just leading you down a long and never-ending road of costly solutions.