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About BlockDrive

BlockDrive is a software platform that gives organizations and companies a fast, secure, and economical way to store and manage high-value sensitive data. It helps you store, authenticate, standardize, validate, and manage your data through actionable business dashboards at a fraction of the cost and more securely than centralized database options.
BlockDrive uses blockchain technology to store data on decentralized cluster nodes across enterprise cloud platforms. We’ve strategically aligned with major cloud providers Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Oracle.
BlockDrive uses JSON RPC protocol for APIs, which supports all common languages such as PHP, .Net, Java, and Python.
  • TXT files
  • CSV files
  • MS EXCEL files
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • PDF files
  • Image files (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP)
  • ZIP compressed files
  • Microsoft ACCESS database files (ACCESS 2000 or later)
  • MS SQL database files (SQL server 2008 or later)
  • MySQL or Maria database files
  • Oracle database files (Oracle 10g or later)
  • PostgreSQL database files
  • MongoDB database files
  • IBM DB2 database files
  • IBM Informix database files
  • SAP Sybase Database files
  • Amazon SimpleDB database files
  • Actian database files
  • NoSQL database files
Blockdrive data is encrypted so it can’t be read by another system. You would need to use an API to extract the data out and enter it into another blockchain system.
With BlockDrive you get an administrative portal that allows you to set and manage user privileges and access. We also offer a JSON-RPC API that allows you to set permissions for applications you choose to access your data.
In addition to using blockchain technology, BlockDrive partners with the world’s leading DDOS Protection Service and hosting providers to minimize impacts from DDOS attacks. We also apply the most advanced firewall and intrusion alert applications to prevent and detect unauthorized activities.

We offer support via phone, email and ticket submission.


About Blockchain

Blockchain is a way of storing data that makes it nearly impossible to change, hack or delete. The data is stored in a protected immutable ledger that is duplicated and distributed across a network of computer systems. A simple way to think of it is like an Excel spreadsheet encrypted a thousand times over. There is no way for the spreadsheet to change or delete the data.
Blockchain uses tokenization for all data transactions. This means the original data is replaced by identification symbols (i.e. tokens) that can only be read by identified and approved users with the proper permission and access levels.
Blockchain simplifies the process of managing and securing your data. The blockchain service we provide with BlockDrive allows you to upload and convert your data with the click of a button, and provides an API to allow you to connect the data to any business application you need. You can export or import data between your business and your blockchain, set user permissions, and have a secure record of all transactions ready for quick and easy business audits.
A blockchain is a digital ledger shared with a network of computers using advanced cryptography. Transaction records cannot be faked or counterfeited as networks of computers are keeping track of any movements of data simultaneously. Blockchain technology also uses tokenization which ensures that information within each transaction cannot be hacked, and the underlying data and records are securely stored. Even if a server is down or data has been corrupted, the backup data is instantly available.
Blockchain delivers security measures such as two-factor security setting, SMS (mobile device) password messaging and YubiKey’s two-factor authentication. By default, users are notified of each successful login via e-mail and each transfer needs final confirmation via email approval. Users also are notified of any movements of digital assets via email.

About Pricing

Unlimited user setup and access for the first month. Up to 10,000 new transactions added per month. Unlimited viewers of the data (you can allow as many users as you want to view the data). Technical support is included for production customers.

BlockDrive charges the following per user:

Administrative User – $495
Manage and create users, upload data, read/write privileges

Privileged User – $195
Upload data, read/write privileges.

Unlimited Users can read and view the data at no additional cost

Up to 10,000 new transactions can be added each month to your blockchain, after that $0.25 cents will be charged for each transaction over 10,000 transactions in a given month.

Need support?

Contact us to open a ticket and receive support within 24 hours.