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About BlockDrive

BlockDrive is an advanced AI SaaS platform that specializes in highlighting through a dashboard and reports a wide variety of data error’s. We have found with our vast experience in data management that dirty data is costly to find, keep out and to fix, we aim to solve that for pennies of what a customer would have to pay themselves. Our goal is to help ensure your Reporting, AI and Machine Learning is accurate and dependable. 

No, our job is to display opportunities for you to make your data cleaner. We keep record of that history of error’s for your convenience, all other data is purged permanently every 30 days. 

BlockDrive offers API’s which can be integrated with programs written in many languages such as .NET, C#, Java, PHP. 

  • TXT files
  • CSV files
  • MS EXCEL files
  • Microsoft ACCESS database files (ACCESS 2000 or later)
  • MS SQL database files (SQL server 2008 or later)
  • MySQL or Maria database files
  • Oracle database files (Oracle 10g or later)
  • PostgreSQL database files
  • MongoDB database files
  • IBM DB2 database files
  • IBM Informix database files
  • SAP Sybase Database files
  • Other NoSQL database files
  • MPP databases (ex. Snowflake, Redshift and Synapse)
BlockDrive does not keep your data. However, any data that’s within the purging cycle can will be exported and sent to your requested destination (with access permissions given).

BlockDrive allows you to see the data in a preview section that displays and identifies bad data in the exact locations of the file.

BlockDrive stores any customer data in FedRAMP and GDPR compliant cloud storage. BlockDrive does not share the data with any other organization or other SaaS platform. Any data that’s older than 30 days will be purged permanently. 

We offer support via phone, email and ticket submission.


About Pricing

User setup access and usage of the product for 14 Days.

Upon becoming a customer up to 500,000 new transactions added per month is included in the monthly fee.

Technical support is included for production customers.

BlockDrive charges for the following user:

Administrative User – Included
Manage and upload raw and processed data sets with read/write & view privileges

Your monthly fee is $995 per month up to 500,000 new transactions that can be added each month at no additional cost, after that $0.05 cent will be charged for each transaction over 500,000 transactions in a given month. Unused transactions will not carry over from the previous month. 

BlockDrive Offers Data Quality Solutions

Your data in protected in its own repository and is not shared with anyone else.

Bad data leads to wrong decisions, wrong strategy,  a bad reputation and ultimately profit loss. It’s estimated that there are $3 trillion of impact due to bad data every year, and growing. BlockDrive’s data quality solution helps our customers identify tangible and intangible data quality issues using our AI and Machine Learning platform. This gives your business a head start on data improvement so you can target your effort on the fixes to ensure dirty data is stopped in its tracks .

Our data quality platform is not intrusive and does not damage your data. Therefore, no harm will come to your data during the operation.

BlockDrive isolates and purges data for each client. We do not keep the data nor share the data with any organization or any other SaaS platform.

Need support?

Contact us to open a ticket and receive support within 24 hours.