Our Pricing

A simple solution and low cost pricing for a complex problem.

Our goal is to improve your Reporting, AI & Machine Learning. We display data quality issues in an actionable simple dashboard. Your data is your data our only job is to show you where improvement can take place to save you time and effort. 


Data Quality Intelligence
$ 995 monthly
  • Including up to 500,000 new transactions per month and $0.05 thereafter
  • Data Ingestion from Cloud or Manually
  • Cloud integration with Azure, AWS and Google
  • Scalable operation to accommodate large datasets
  • Comphrensive Dashboard


Improve quality of your reports
  • Dashboard with data quality visualizations
  • Report on exact locations of the bad data
  • Preview records with errors
  • Dataset preview
  • Version of the same file created at different time
  • Drill down for additional visualization on data quality over time

AI & Machine Leanring

Improved outcomes of predictive models
  • Set classifications for individual datasets
  • Deep learning to report outliers and anomalies
  • AI built-in to each check
  • Auto ML (machine learning) enabled for each dataset
  • Coordinated machine learning on various data sets to offer a comprehensive view of your data quality overtime

We know that business leaders need a simple cost-effective solution that will deliver real results quickly and that IT leadership are worried about spend and exorbitant time to success. We built BlockDrive to satisfy both.

Data Quality Intelligence




Duplicate Records  

Missing Required Value

Duplicate Values

Too Many NULL Values

Spelling Inconsistency

Date Format Inconsistency

Unit Of Measure (UOM) Missing

Suspicious Numbers

LOV (list-of-values) Incomplete Or Invalid

Incomplete File

Too Many Coerced Records

Impossible Values

Data Type Mismatch

Incomplete record or row

Data volume inconsistency

Data Out-Of-Bound 

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