Data Intelligence

Using AI to produce
meaningful outcomes.


Artificial intelligence is only as good as the data that feeds into it. BlockDrive helped a commercial client handling financial transactions standardize its data so it could produce meaningful business intelligence by making sure it was comparing apples to apples.

What we provided

Predictive analysis relies on good data.

Companies in the business of financial transactions rely heavily on predictive analysis, which in turn relies on two key things to be effective – unified data and artificial intelligence. These businesses receive data from multiple clients and locations so the first challenge is unifying the data so it can all be analyzed together. That ensures the predictive analysis produced by the AI is accurate and meaningful.

Standardized and unified data produces meaningful outcomes.

You can’t produce meaningful results if you’re comparing apples to oranges. BlockDrive ensured the customer was comparing apples to apples by building standardized data models that created standardized data, no matter the source. Our catalogue of industry-specific data models can help any organization in any context make sure they’re creating meaningful insights.

Replacing manual labor with artificial intelligence.

The BlockDrive platform removes the manual work and human labor that is often necessary to prepare data for artificial intelligence. Instead of creating a custom AI department to standardize and prepare data, the business can focus on using AI as a service that drives real results.

Let your business objectives lead your data strategy.

We’ll help you make sure your data strategy is delivering real ROI and not just leading you down a long and never-ending road of costly solutions.