Data Security

Maintaining confidence
in election data.


When an election services company needed to make sure sensitive voting data had to be accurate, they turned to BlockDrive. With our out-of-the-box functionality we could quickly scale to their needs and give them the confidence and peace of mind to know the data was accurate and secure.

What we provided

Data tampering has real consequences.

There are many ways that data can be tampered with, ranging from simple accidents and human errors to deliberate hacks. Whether it’s a mistake or an attack, the consequences can be serious – severe fines, legal issues, and loss of faith in social institutions.

A scalable out-of-the-box solution.

BlockDrive’s out-of-the-box functionality authenticates and validates data in real time to make sure it’s standardized and doesn’t contain any errors. In this case, the platform specifically targeted to catch and highlight any changes or errors in voter info, like an email address where a name should be entered. This allowed simple mistakes to advanced errors to be caught and corrected quickly and provided confidence that any potential data hacks couldn’t slip by.

Simplified data verification that provides peace of mind.

Instead of spending a couple of years and an immense budget hiring a team to create a custom solution by hand, BlockDrive provided a simplified path to confidence and peace of mind out of the box. The business could trace their data and easily audit themselves if something were to go wrong. The ability to track a variety of events through a simple dashboard helped the client watch the data and see any errors as they happened. In short, the business could be focused on the data instead of the technical solution.

Let your business objectives lead your data strategy.

We’ll help you make sure your data strategy is delivering real ROI and not just leading you down a long and never-ending road of costly solutions.